StarMade Crafting
Version: 0.199.217

Basic Factory

ID: 211
Price: 100
Hitpoints: 100

Manufactures basic blocks from a variety of resources. Press (R Default) to Open/Close the Factory's Internal Inventory. (Used for placing the necessary materials for recipes.)

Recipe Breakdown

Alloyed Metal Mesh Wedge Basic Factory Bastyn Crystal Bastyn Crystal Wedge
Beacon Rod Black Hull Black Hull Corner Black Hull Hepta
Black Hull Tetra Black Hull Wedge Black Paint Black Rod Light
Blue Hull Blue Hull Corner Blue Hull Hepta Blue Hull Tetra
Blue Hull Wedge Blue Paint Blue Rod Light Brown Hull
Brown Hull Corner Brown Hull Hepta Brown Hull Tetra Brown Hull Wedge
Capsule Refinery Cargo Space Carved Chabaz Carved Cinnabar
Carved Dolom Carved Larimar Carved Lukrah Carved Sugil
Carved Tekt Carved Varis Conduit (Blue) Crystal Composite Wedge
Dark Grey Hull Dark Grey Hull Corner Dark Grey Hull Hepta Dark Grey Hull Tetra
Dark Grey Hull Wedge Decorative Charts Decorative Computer (Green) Decorative Computer (Orange)
Decorative Console (Blue) Decorative Fan Decorative Panel Decorative Pipes
Decorative Screen (Blue) Decorative Screen (Red) Decorative Server Decorative Switchboard
Fertikeen Ingot Fertikeen Ingot Wedge Girder Glass
Glass Corner Glass Door Glass Door Wedge Glass Hepta
Glass Tetra Glass Wedge Green Hull Green Hull Corner
Green Hull Hepta Green Hull Tetra Green Hull Wedge Green Paint
Green Rod Light Grey Hull Grey Hull Corner Grey Hull Hepta
Grey Hull Tetra Grey Hull Wedge Hattel Crystal Hattel Crystal Wedge
Hylat Ingot Hylat Ingot Wedge Ice Wedge Jisper Ingot
Jisper Ingot Wedge Macet Ingot Macet Ingot Wedge Mattise Crystal
Mattise Crystal Wedge Metal Grill Metal Grill Wedge Micro Assembler
Nocx Crystal Nocx Crystal Wedge Orange Hull Orange Hull Corner
Orange Hull Hepta Orange Hull Tetra Orange Hull Wedge Orange Paint
Orange Rod Light Parseen Crystal Parseen Crystal Wedge Personal Computer (Blue)
Pink Hull Pink Hull Corner Pink Hull Hepta Pink Hull Tetra
Pink Hull Wedge Pink Light Rod Pipe Plex Door
Plex Door Wedge Power Auxiliary Power Capacitor Power Reactor
Purple Hull Purple Hull Corner Purple Hull Hepta Purple Hull Tetra
Purple Hull Wedge Purple Paint Purple Rod Light Rammet Crystal
Rammet Crystal Wedge Red Hull Red Hull Corner Red Hull Hepta
Red Hull Tetra Red Hull Wedge Red Paint Red Rod Light
Salvage Computer Salvage Module Sapsun Ingot Sapsun Ingot Wedge
Scaffold Scaffold Wedge Sertise Ingot Sertise Ingot Wedge
Ship Core Sintyr Crystal Sintyr Crystal Wedge Standard Factory
Storage Teal Hull Teal Hull Corner Teal Hull Hepta
Teal Hull Tetra Teal Hull Wedge Teal Light Rod Threns Ingot
Threns Ingot Wedge Thruster Module Undeathinator Varat Crystal
Varat Crystal Wedge Warhead Water White Hull
White Hull Corner White Hull Hepta White Hull Tetra White Hull Wedge
White Light Bar White Paint White Rod Light Yellow Hull
Yellow Hull Corner Yellow Hull Hepta Yellow Hull Tetra Yellow Hull Wedge
Yellow Paint Yellow Rod Light Zercaner Ingot Zercaner Ingot Wedge

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