StarMade Crafting
Version: 0.199.217

Power Auxiliary

ID: 978
Price: 600
Hitpoints: 50

Power Auxiliaries are the result of combining Power Capacitors and Power Reactors into a single block. Their power regeneration scales similar to the normal power reactors except that only the group count matters and that their soft cap is also per group. They also have the ability to store power internally. You can turn these Auxiliaries "On" and "Off" by toggling it in your weapons menu. - On: Aux regeneration gets added to the main ship, any internally stored power is drained into the main ship's Power Capacitors. - Off: Aux regeneration charges their own internal power storage at a slow rate. WARNING: These blocks are highly volatile! If a group loses a block, it will create an explosive chain event that can destroy an entire reactor group in less than 2 minutes!

Recipe Breakdown

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