StarMade Crafting
Version: 0.199.217

Turret Docking Enhancer Unit

Deprecated: True
ID: 88
Hitpoints: 25

The Turret Docking Enhancer can be used for the Turret Docking Module, much like the Docking Enhancer can be for the Docking Module. To use them, you must simply connect them to the Turret Docking Module whose zone you want to increase by selecting the Unit with C, and then using V to connect each Enhancer. As with Weapons, and other blocks that can be connected. The Turret Docking Enhancers do not have to be adjacent to the Turret Docking Module. Alternatively, you can lay a Turret Docking Module down, select it with C, and then each Turret Docking Enhancer you put down afterwards will be automatically connected to the Turret Docking Module. As of now, there is no need to orient Turret Docking Enhancer, as they will increase the Docking Zone all around, no matter which way they are facing, or where they are put in correlation to the Turret Docking Module.

Recipe Breakdown

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