StarMade Crafting
Version: 0.199.217

Race Gate Controller

ID: 683
Price: 200
Hitpoints: 50

Race gate modules must form a 1 block deep loop to create a working Race Gate. To link your Race Gate controller to its Race Gates, press C on the Controller, then V on the individual modules, or alternatively Shift + V to mass select grouped modules. Link multiple Race Gates with each other to create a Race Track. Right click the destination Gate with a Marker Beam tool and then left click the source Gate with it. To create a race on your Race Track. Go to gate you want as starting position and open its Gate Controller Menu. Press the “Create new race” button and fill in the details.

After that anyone can join the created list in the list by clicking on it and pressing “Join Race”, you can also remove the race with the “Remove Race” button.

When all racers are ready, link an activation controller or button to the starting gate’s controller. Sending a true signal will start the race. Every racer will see a marker which gate to go through first.

Recipe Breakdown

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