StarMade Crafting
Version: 0.199.217

Push Pulse Computer

ID: 344
Price: 7500
Hitpoints: 50
Enterable: True

The Push Pulse Computer is required for creating functioning Push Pulse systems. It is capable of controlling any amount of Push Pulse Modules, although using multiple groups leads to escalating power costs. Once placed, you can select/deselect it with C, and link Push Pulse Modules using V while it is selected and you are looking at a Push Pulse Module. This controller can be connected to other weapons and systems (cannon, beam, pulse, missile) to customize your weapon

First the controller and then the module, so the module is connected to the controller. You can then select another weapon controller with C and then press V to hook this weapon up to the other weapon

Note, that for the full effect, you need to connect 1:1 in size
Press (R Default) to get in/out of the Computer.

Recipe Breakdown

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