StarMade Crafting
Version: 0.199.217

Jump Drive Module

ID: 545
Price: 3000
Hitpoints: 100

Jump Drives are the portable version of structures that enable players to warp. You can put them on a ship, charge them up, and instantly travel up to 8 sectors. The destination to jump can be influenced in two ways. Either you jump in the direction you were looking at when engaging the jump drive, or you can use a more precise method. Entering a waypoint in the navigation panel will enable you to jump towards it no matter in which direction you look. It even puts you directly at your waypoint sector if it is fewer than 8 sectors away. Jump Drives can be placed like any other weapon or effect. They will appear in the weapon panel to put in the hotbar for use. Keep in mind that there is a sweet spot for jump Drive modules. You can build them as small as you want, but they will take much longer to charge the up. Placing more blocks than the sweet spot will make charging even faster, if you want a specialized jump ship. But keep the escalating power costs in mind. To charge, you have to hold the left mouse button like shooting a weapon. After it is charged, you can press right click to jump. The mechanic to actively have to charge up the Jump Drive is in place to make it more dangerous to use in battle. The drive has a small 10 second cooldown after jumps. But be warned, changing the blocks on a jump drive will reset the charge immediately. The charge will also be reset if hit, so make sure you are safe before starting to charge up (you can still of course do it while flying).

Recipe Breakdown

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